Building Your API Integration

Getting Credentials

After final approval, we ask that you send an email to [email protected] explaining who you are and what APIs you would like access to. After we receive the email, we will review with our team and add you to our backlog. After we have reviewed your request, we will provision all necessary credentials and subscription keys to enable access to our APIs.


The Subscription key will give you access to reach our testing environment. We will also provide an account to our developer portal which will have up to date API specs for what you have requested. Using these specs our future partners can test and validate how to create and get information from OTR.


Work with the OTR team to plan out an estimated development time. Verify and test with the provided credentials and reach out to [email protected] with any questions that come up. Once testing is nearing completion, reach out and coordinate a time for an official ‘Show and Tell’ with the OTR Solutions Partner Integrations Team. This ‘Show and Tell’ with a final approval is a required step before you can go live.

Integration Go Live

Upon successful completion of the ‘Show and Tell’, a member of the OTR Solutions Partner Integrations Team will work with you to coordinate a Go-Live Date. OTR will want to market the new connection, so we ask that users give plenty of heads-up on the go-live date to allow our team to prepare accordingly. On the go-live date, OTR will monitor from our end for potential issues. Please reach out if the date needs to change or if any issues arise.

Production Support

Monitoring and Alerting
OTR will continuously monitor the new integration and reach out to the user with any discovered or perceived issues.

Maintenance and Updates
In the event that OTR solutions releases an updated version of the provided APIs, those updates will be available via the OTR Solutions Developer Portal along with all up-to-date information about the APIs. OTR will provide sufficient notice and communication to plan any updates that may impact current releases.